Unknown (disturbedchaos) wrote in visual_shock,

Cross posted.. sorry. v.v

Hey, just wanted to ask people if they have suggestions for good websites to order jrock goods from. If you have used the site yourself, please share your experiences! ( What did you think of costs/how long did you wait for shipping/etc )
Any warnings for sites -not- to use/buy from would be great too. Even though I want to know for personal shopping, if I get enough info, I would like to compile it for other people to look at. I know many sites don't have any sort of testimonials section or anything.

Er.. if I violated some community rules by posting this, I'm really sorry and it won't happen again. o.o;;

Oh, the only useful info I got so far is not to buy from a guy named Kurai vv, one person paid $130 for a collection of 33 rare Malice Mizer ( <33 ) clips and still hasn't gotten them after 3 months.

Leave comments! ^_^

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