we are your sweet mistakes (eard_stapa) wrote in visual_shock,
we are your sweet mistakes

question about visual kei.

i'm currently writing a paper on takarazuka, and i want to compare some aspects of it to visual kei. i've found enough information on visual kei, except for one thing - i'm wondering if there's much controversy surrounding it (from the stuff that i've read, it doesn't really seem to be that controversial, but i wanted to check). i'm especially interested in controversy surrounding the cross-dressing aspect and the rumors of homosexual relationships between band members. have there been a lot of opinion articles/editorials/regular articles written on visual kei in japan, like there have been with takarazuka in the past? if there are any such articles, when were they written? was visual kei more controversial at the beginning (for example, with the entrance of x-japan)? is it more or less accepted now? what's the general attitude about it in the minds of most adults? if you know of any news articles or articles in general written on it, do you know where i could find them?

thanks a TON!

(cross-posted everywhere - sorry :P)
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